Mastering My New Album Live On YouTube This Sunday 9/2/18 7PM EST!

My Audacity Mastering tutorials are some of my most popular videos on YouTube. Even though at this point they are pretty old and kinda outdated, they still are some of my highest grossing and viewed videos I’ve ever… Read More

Getting The Current Versions of Ardour and Zyn-Fusion For Free

Unfa is one of the most active Linux music producers on YouTube and has a plethora of great content on his channel. In this video he discusses how to get Ardour and Zyn-Fusion for free on your Debian-based… Read More

How to use a Linux laptop for live music performance!

How to use a Linux laptop for live music performance with SEQ24 MIDI sequencer, Qsynth for soundfonts, and Jack-Rack for realtime fx manipulation. Controllers used in this video: MidiPlus Classic 49 (love this controller) Korg NanoKey2… Read More

Bone Breaker by Sebastian Posch – Made In Linux #5

Admitedly I haven’t checked out the guitar modeling software for Linux yet called Guitarix, but after watching this video, I really need to! This is an insanely good sounding Metal riffage by Sebastian Posch that was processed using Guitarix! The… Read More

How To Use Multiple Audio Interfaces With Linux Using Jack and Qjackctl

This is a very valuable technique for using multiple audio interfaces in Linux for expanding your audio inputs for multitrack recording. For example, say you only have a 4 channel usb interface but need 6 mics to record… Read More

Rosegarden Tutorial Part 2 | External MIDI Recording Audio DAW 2018

New patreon: MIDI cable used to connect the K1 This is part two of my Rosegarden tutorials and in this episode I go over using external MIDI devices with Rosegarden, as well as how to record… Read More

Rosegarden Tutorial Part 1 | Linux MIDI DAW

Akai MPK Midi Controller This is a video I’ve wanted to do for a while, a tutorial for the awesome program Rosegarden for Linux! Rosegarden is a robust Midi Sequencer that has been around for many years…. Read More

Sunset by Louigi Verona – Made In Linux #4

This chill techno track was recorded in Qtractor and Louigi states “Made in a modular setup on GNU/Linux. Modular setup means you do not have just one sequencer with plugins loaded in, but instead you use JACK to… Read More

Every Single Audacity Preference Explained!

In this Audacity lesson I painstakingly go through every single option in the preferences menu within audacity and give in-depth explanations and examples for each one. This is a great way to learn some of Audacity’s hidden features,… Read More

Linux DAWs, Recording Software Overview and Reviews

I’ve put together a couple videos for those of you just getting started in the world of recording on Linux. These two videos do not list everything that is available, because they’d be hours upon hours long if… Read More