Getting The Current Versions of Ardour and Zyn-Fusion For Free

Unfa is one of the most active Linux music producers on YouTube and has a plethora of great content on his channel. In this video he discusses how to get Ardour and Zyn-Fusion for free on your Debian-based Linux System.

Unfa’s description of the video:

“I’m guiding you through the process of installing Ardour and Zyn-Fusion for free using KX Studio repositories. There’s much confusion around this topic, as the software is open-source but the official binary packages are not available free of charge.

This video should answer all questions you might have regarding this topic, and show you how to get both Ardour and Zyn-Fusion installed in your system free of charge in a simple 3-step process. As a bonus I’m including Ardour 5 session for the background music, you’ll obviously need to follow this tutorials in order to be able to lead that in, but you’ll also need more plugins installed. Even though you can get these programs for free, please consider supporting the developers if you find these tools useful.

Even tiny donations can go a long way if many people send them. I myself donate money to open-source projects I use to encourage the developers to keep up their great work (Ardour, Zyn-Fusion, Kdenlive…) Also – I am getting married in 2^3 days. So if you’re a christian – me and my fiancée will be very thankful for your prayer. Please remain patient – I have tons of ideas for videos, but there’s going to be a pause now. I am very glad I was able to finish and release this video before the wedding. I hope it was worth the wait 🙂 — ·

Downloads: – Ardour Session for the background music – enjoy! · Links:… – KX Studio repositories – official Ardour website – official Zyn-Fusion website… – official Patreon post for this video – watch me making the background music with Ardour and Zyn-Fusion. It’s not complete, as I’ve extended the track a lot after that, but you it should provide you with a nice idea of my workflow.”

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