Spatry discusses controlling Pulseaudio with pavucontrol

Legendary Linux YouTuber, Spatry (who has been on a hiatus lately) discusses the ins and outs of the program pavucontrol. Pavucontrol is an advance volume mixer for pulseaudio. It no longer comes by default on Ubuntu, but in… Read More

Enfolding Mists by Triangulator – Made In Linux #3

Enfolding Mists by Triangulator This amazing and disturbing piece of ambient music was made all on Csound (a musical coding language that runs in Linux) by the artist Trangulator. He had generously also provided the source files from… Read More

How to get Alsa MIDI devices to show up in Jack, Ardour, and Mixbus using a2jmidid

Thanks Chris McDonough for walking us through setting up a2jmidid and getting your external midi devices to play nice with Mixbus and Ardour! I’ve had this same problem in the past and was glad to see Chris made a… Read More

Official Website Launch Announcement Video!

Here’s my announcement video for the site I just posted on YouTube! Check it out! I want your content! Send me your links if you produce in linux, post in the comments! I’m also looking for contributors! Let… Read More

Building a Macintosh SE/30 Raspberry Pi Retro Computer DAW

Here’s all the links to buy everything talked about in the vid: raspberry pi 3 kit behringer uca202 screen industrial velcro dremel tool sabrenet usb hub keyboard mouse headphone cable… Read More

1980s LMMS Song – Made In Linux #2

Here’s today’s (and the first) Made in Linux song on Linux Music Studio. This one is by Lucas Torres, and he writes “8 hour project I made in LMMS. This is a great free DAW! I used only native… Read More

How To Make A Soundfont In Linux

In this tutorial, I show you how to create a Soundfont from samples of my drum set in the sf2 format on Linux using Swami. Download the Tama Imperialstar Soundfont I created here… Soundfonts are a collection… Read More

AV Linux – A Debian Based Audio/Video Distribution of Linux

AV Linux is a great Linux Distribution that is targeted towards audio and video production. I used it for a while when doing some Demonic Sweaters gigs around NYC, and it was very solid and reliable. It was… Read More

Qtractor Tutoral – Recording In Qtractor for Linux

Qtractor is a DAW for linux that has good compatibility with jack and some interesting features. I made these tutorials last year, so there may be some updates since then. Either way this should be a good way… Read More

How to Use Jack And Pulseaudio At The Same Time On Ubuntu

Setting up Jack to work with Pulseaudio has been really easy since Ubuntu 16.04 and beyond. I’ve used this same method with 18.04.1 and it works great! The reason you may want to do this is so you… Read More