Just Say No To Linux Distro Fever!

A common mistake among new Linux users is what I call “Linux Distro Fever” This is when you install Linux Ubuntu, then quickly change to Kubuntu, then to Linux Mint, then Debian, Red Hat, Arch, Fedora, OpenSuse, and on and on and on. Then you get stuck in the never ending cycle of installing Linux Distributions.

Rather than doing this, new users should stick with the one they have, and learn how to fix and customize to their liking. This will help you gain a greater understanding of the Linux OS, as well as waste a lot less of your time. Linux is Linux, the distro is basically the salad dressing on top of it.

I’m not saying trying new distros is bad, but keeping it under control is the key to success. There’s no need to try all the distros under the sun if you still have a lot to learn in Linux. GNU/Linux is not Mac OS or Windows, it never will be (thank God). So stick with what you got and make it work!

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