How To Build MusE Sequencer From Source On Ubuntu 18.04.1LTS

MusE Sequencer is a very cool DAW for Linux and you can install it with your package manager on Ubuntu. However, this version is quite old, and wouldn’t even work correctly on my system, so I thought I would download the source code and build it myself.

In this YouTube Playlist I walk you through the process of doing this yourself. At first I thought it didn’t work, but if you stick around to the second video, you will see that it actually does work. There’s also a fix for the problem of the “invalid pointer” error that you see in the second video. All you need to do is start MusE with the -p option from the terminal, then go into global settings and correct the path of your LADSPA plugins directory, or create one when it says there is one.

After that everything works fine!

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