There’s a new version of Qjackctl! 0.5.4 released!

Rui Nun Capela’s legendary Jack Audio Connection Kit management software, Qjackctl is finally getting a major overhaul and upgrade. Qjackctl is probably the single most important element to my music production workflow, and I must say I am incredibly excited about this news!

Rui is no stranger to making great apps for Linux. He is also the creator of the amazing Qtractor DAW for Linux, which is listed by countless as their favorite DAW for Linux.

Here’s what’s new in Qjackctl 0.5.4:


  • Graph port-type colors are now configurable (cf. menu View > Colors…).
  • Make Graph nodes (ie. client boxes) transparent for yet some eye-candiness ;). Also keep the (Graph) current selection across port (dis)connections.
  • Drawing patchbay connector lines as (bezier) curves is now a difinitive and fixed feature (as long as no moreremains from the so called “Cambric explosion era” are still lurking in there).
  • AppStream metadata updated to be the most compliant with latest specification and recommendation.
  • Graph auto-layout improvement for brand new node clients.
  • Avoid showing setup warning when no server settings have changed.
  • Fixed JACK D-Bus settings for MIDI driver parameter.

I’ll be checking this out in more depth this weekend and most likely be making a video on it.

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