FM Synthesis In ZynaddsubFX

FM synthesis is the magic behind the classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer, and makes up what many of us feel is the quintesential 1980s sound. It sounds awesome and there’s nothing quite like it. Luckily, it’s a pretty good… Read More

Just Say No To Linux Distro Fever!

A common mistake among new Linux users is what I call “Linux Distro Fever” This is when you install Linux Ubuntu, then quickly change to Kubuntu, then to Linux Mint, then Debian, Red Hat, Arch, Fedora, OpenSuse, and… Read More

Best Linux Distro For Audio?

Well that’s a bit of a clickbait title and thumb admittedly, but this is what I like. I’m sure there’s just as good other options out there, but this works for me! Check out my patreon and… Read More

Script To Download Scrillions Of Classic Modules From

The Mod Archive is an incredible website that hosts literally scrillions of module files from the early 1990s all the way up to 2018! If you don’t know, a Module, or “Mod” is an oldschool type of music… Read More

Oberheim OB-X Emulator For Linux

OB-Xd is a very realisic sounding Oberheim OB-X, OB-Xa, and OB-8 emulator that is freely available and Linux compatible! You can download a pre-built package at You can also download the source code at I’ll be looking… Read More

Covering Dream Theater’s Surrounded In Ardour and MusE

Libre Music Production created this epic of a tutorial series in 6 parts which I’ve put together in a playlist above that shows a beginning to end process of putting together a cover of a Dream Theater song…. Read More

Amiga Protracker Now In Ubuntu Repos!

Amiga Protracker is the classic music tracker software that started it all! It allowed millions of 1990s home computer enthusiasts create music on their computers with samples and midi controllers in the days of 8 bit sound! Trackers… Read More

What is a Vocoder? And How To Use Them In Linux

This is an absolutely excellent explanation and tutorial by Unfa about vocoders on Linux, specifically the Calf Vocoder. Vocoders are a way to make a robotic sounding voice that uses a carrier wave (a synthesized sound) and combines… Read More

Song Made In Rosegarden – Made In Linux #7

This is a song by myself (still no title) but I’ll be putting it on my next album. Next weekend I’ll be doing another live master like Turn Of The Scroct. This one was made using Rosegarden, Qsynth,… Read More

Building A Spectrum Analyzer From Scratch Using Python!

Who doesn’t love a spectrum analyzer? They’re cool to look at when listening to music and are also a useful tool for visualizing frequency data on your recordings. Have you ever wanted to make your own?? Well YouTuber… Read More