Sampling a Synthesizer With Audacity

Ever wonder how to capture samples from your favorite synth then use them in your DAW? In this video I show you how to capture the samples in Audaciy then work with them in Traction, Milkytracker, and LMMS…. Read More

Build your own streaming music server with Cherry Music!

Cherry Music is an amazing streaming music server that runs 100% in HTML5 and is written in Python! Having been written in Python means it will run in just about anything. I even got it up and running… Read More

Made in Linux #8 – iBook G4 + Linux Lubuntu 16.04 + Milkytracker

Here’s a new song I worked out on my iBook G4 running Milkytracker on Lubuntu 16.04. See how to get Lubuntu running on an iBook here… I’ve been having a lot of fun with Milkytracker on here,… Read More

Sampling your synth in Audacity

Some people like using hardware synths some people like using software synths. With hardware synths you have great sounds, but they’re big and not always easy to deal with. With software synths, you almost have too many options,… Read More

How to simulate an insert key on a Mac running Linux for Milkytracker

You may have seen my video where I installed Lubuntu 16.04LTS on an iBook G4 from 2005. I got the computer running great and in fact I am creating this post on it right now. One of the… Read More

Tracktion Waveform 9 for Linux is AWESOME!!!

I’ve been recently checking out Tacktion’s Waveform 9 for Linux, and I am incredibly impressed. Waveform 9 is a complete audio/midi workstation that runs natively on Linux and is without a doubt one of the nicest ones available… Read More

xmonad – a lightweight window manager for Linux written in Haskell

I’m a big fan of Lightweight Window Managers for Linux, my personal favorite is still IceWM, but I just so happened to install xmonad on my iBook just to experiment with some other lightweight WMs, but when I… Read More