xmonad – a lightweight window manager for Linux written in Haskell

I’m a big fan of Lightweight Window Managers for Linux, my personal favorite is still IceWM, but I just so happened to install xmonad on my iBook just to experiment with some other lightweight WMs, but when I logged in, I got a black screen and a pointer with nothing else. No common keyboard shortcuts seemed to do anything either. If I had found this video before (or read the website) things would have been much easier.

xmonad is heavily dependent upon keyboard shortcuts rather than being mouse driven. This can be good or bad depending on how you like to do things. Either way it seems very interesting. The great thing about minimal WMs, is when you are working with resource intensive programs (especially on older or slower computers), you’re not wasting computing power on the WM.

If you like experimenting with Window Managers, give xmonad a try! But watch  this video and read the manual first! Check it out at https://xmonad.org/

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