Original Digidesign Mbox 1 Working in Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I recently picked up an orignal Digidesign Mbox. I had one in the past and always loved the way the Preamps sounded in them. So when I saw this one complete in the box for only $30 I had to pick it up.
At first I was reading online that most people said the inputs weren’t supported by Linux, but I guess these posts were pretty old, because I plugged it in, fired up Jack, and it works!
I should mention that I did update the firmware because of a white noise issue caused by Mbox firmware below 0.22. To update the firmware you will need a Mac, and the firmware updater.
To find out if you need to update, plug in the Mbox and run this command.
sudo lsusb -vv -d 0dba:1000 |grep bcdDevice |awk ‘{print $2}’
if below .22, it’s best to run the firmware update.
Thanks to zamaudio for the tips on the firmware!

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