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Amiga Protracker Now In Ubuntu Repositories!

The other day I noticed my favorite tracker of all time, Amiga Protracker, is now available right in the default Ubuntu Repositories. I’m running 18.04.1LTS and it’s working perfectly! If you’re not familiar with Protracker, it was the… Read More

Mastering My New Album Live On YouTube This Sunday 9/2/18 7PM EST!

My Audacity Mastering tutorials are some of my most popular videos on YouTube. Even though at this point they are pretty old and kinda outdated, they still are some of my highest grossing and viewed videos I’ve ever… Read More

Official Website Launch Announcement Video!

Here’s my announcement video for the site I just posted on YouTube! Check it out! I want your content! Send me your links if you produce in linux, post in the comments! I’m also looking for contributors! Let… Read More


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