How To Make a VHS Effect in Kdenlive

Have you ever wanted to do a cool retro VHS effect using Kdenlive? Well now you can. I walk you though the details on how to do it yourself. Links mentioned in the vid: VCR OSD Mono font… Read More

Getting Guitar Rig 5 to work in Linux!

Guitar Rig is one of the most popular Guitar Modeling plugins on the market, the problem is there’s no Linux version. However, that doesn’t really matter thanks to Wine! Check out this video by JHoermann // Linux audio production where… Read More

Original Digidesign Mbox 1 Working in Ubuntu 18.04LTS

I recently picked up an orignal Digidesign Mbox. I had one in the past and always loved the way the Preamps sounded in them. So when I saw this one complete in the box for only $30 I… Read More

Sampling a Synthesizer With Audacity

Ever wonder how to capture samples from your favorite synth then use them in your DAW? In this video I show you how to capture the samples in Audaciy then work with them in Traction, Milkytracker, and LMMS…. Read More

Tracktion Waveform 9 for Linux is AWESOME!!!

I’ve been recently checking out Tacktion’s Waveform 9 for Linux, and I am incredibly impressed. Waveform 9 is a complete audio/midi workstation that runs natively on Linux and is without a doubt one of the nicest ones available… Read More

xmonad – a lightweight window manager for Linux written in Haskell

I’m a big fan of Lightweight Window Managers for Linux, my personal favorite is still IceWM, but I just so happened to install xmonad on my iBook just to experiment with some other lightweight WMs, but when I… Read More

Mixxx – DJ software for Linux

Mixxx is pretty nifty DJ software that runs great on Linux. It allows you to use multiple soundcard outputs, supports jack, auto DJ, beat matching and all kinds of cool goodies. It’s definitely worth playing around with even… Read More

How to install Lubuntu on a 2005 iBook G4 in 2018!

If you want to contribute to me making more videos like this or my bandcamp Here’s the link to the config files and text document with written instructions of this project…. This Macintosh iBook G4… Read More

Milkytracker FX Tutorial!

I promised it years ago, but I finally made the video, haha…. sorry :(. Anyway, here is my FX tutorial for Milkytracker. These techniques will work for just about any tracker software since they all operate in generally… Read More

Why IceWM is still the fastest Window Manager in 2018

IceWM is in my opinion the fastest window manager for GNU/Linux, hands down. I made this walkthrough/tutorial video last year, but after setting up an iBook G4 recently with Lubuntu 16.04LTS I was reminded of it’s amazing speed!… Read More