sf2 lib

This is a collection of .sf2 formatted soundfonts I have made that are compatable with Fluidsynth/Qsynth. More will be added as I create them.

SunDrums – This is a complete drum sample set made from my “Sun Drums” drum set. It is a 7 piece concert tom drum set featuring 5 toms, kick, snare, ride, two crashes, hi hat, and trash crash. I recorded these samples in a professional studio and it is very high quality!

Kawai K1 – The classic Kawai K1 Digital Synthesizer is capable of some of the coolest “Ahhh” 1980s sounds ever made and many other insanely cool 8 bit sampled tones. This sf2 features some of the best classic sounds as well as some of my own patches.

FX Drums – Some drum samples processed with some funky fx, cool for experimental work.

DS Imperialstar – This is a complete drum sample set of my Tama Imperialstar drum set. It features kick, snare, rack tom, floor tom, ride, two crashes, trash hats, hi hats and bell cymbal. Great sounding kit, with a super punch kick!

Casio CT-370 – A complete sample collection of every single sound on the Casio CT-370, as well as a few personally made patches. This is one of my favorite sf2 files I’ve ever made. It’s just like the real thing with some extra patches!

’68 Slingerland Drum Kit – This is the first sf2 I made and is of my sister’s 1968 Slingerland drum set. It features kick, snare, rack, floor, ride, crash and hi hats. It’s very vintage sounding, though the midi mapping is a bit weird, but it’s still 100% functional.