Getting The Current Versions of Ardour and Zyn-Fusion For Free

Unfa is one of the most active Linux music producers on YouTube and has a plethora of great content on his channel. In this video he discusses how to get Ardour and Zyn-Fusion for free on your Debian-based… Read More

How To Use Multiple Audio Interfaces With Linux Using Jack and Qjackctl

This is a very valuable technique for using multiple audio interfaces in Linux for expanding your audio inputs for multitrack recording. For example, say you only have a 4 channel usb interface but need 6 mics to record… Read More

Rosegarden Tutorial Part 1 | Linux MIDI DAW

Akai MPK Midi Controller This is a video I’ve wanted to do for a while, a tutorial for the awesome program Rosegarden for Linux! Rosegarden is a robust Midi Sequencer that has been around for many years…. Read More