Best Linux Distro For Audio?

Well that’s a bit of a clickbait title and thumb admittedly, but this is what I like. I’m sure there’s just as good other options out there, but this works for me! Check out my patreon and… Read More

Enfolding Mists by Triangulator – Made In Linux #3

Enfolding Mists by Triangulator This amazing and disturbing piece of ambient music was made all on Csound (a musical coding language that runs in Linux) by the artist Trangulator. He had generously also provided the source files from… Read More

Building a Macintosh SE/30 Raspberry Pi Retro Computer DAW

Here’s all the links to buy everything talked about in the vid: raspberry pi 3 kit behringer uca202 screen industrial velcro dremel tool sabrenet usb hub keyboard mouse headphone cable… Read More