Amiga Protracker Now In Ubuntu Repositories!

The other day I noticed my favorite tracker of all time, Amiga Protracker, is now available right in the default Ubuntu Repositories. I’m running 18.04.1LTS and it’s working perfectly! If you’re not familiar with Protracker, it was the… Read More

Bone Breaker by Sebastian Posch – Made In Linux #5

Admitedly I haven’t checked out the guitar modeling software for Linux yet called Guitarix, but after watching this video, I really need to! This is an insanely good sounding Metal riffage by Sebastian Posch that was processed using Guitarix! The… Read More

Rosegarden Tutorial Part 2 | External MIDI Recording Audio DAW 2018

New patreon: MIDI cable used to connect the K1 This is part two of my Rosegarden tutorials and in this episode I go over using external MIDI devices with Rosegarden, as well as how to record… Read More

Sunset by Louigi Verona – Made In Linux #4

This chill techno track was recorded in Qtractor and Louigi states “Made in a modular setup on GNU/Linux. Modular setup means you do not have just one sequencer with plugins loaded in, but instead you use JACK to… Read More

Spatry discusses controlling Pulseaudio with pavucontrol

Legendary Linux YouTuber, Spatry (who has been on a hiatus lately) discusses the ins and outs of the program pavucontrol. Pavucontrol is an advance volume mixer for pulseaudio. It no longer comes by default on Ubuntu, but in… Read More

90s RPG Style Song Made in Rosegarden – Made In Linux #1

Here’s a pretty 90s sounding ambient song that I could see in an old top down RPG in some exotic land. I composed the track in Rosegarden and used the Qsynth/Fluidsynth soundfont player for sounds. The soundfont is… Read More

What Is Jack, Pulseaudio, And Alsa? Linux Audio Drivers Explained!

When you’re getting into Linux audio, you’ll hear a lot of talk about Alsa, Jack, and Pulseaudio. What are they? Are these all drivers? How do I use Jack? Why can’t I hear sound in Chrome when I… Read More