Sampling a Synthesizer With Audacity

Ever wonder how to capture samples from your favorite synth then use them in your DAW? In this video I show you how to capture the samples in Audaciy then work with them in Traction, Milkytracker, and LMMS…. Read More

Made in Linux #8 – iBook G4 + Linux Lubuntu 16.04 + Milkytracker

Here’s a new song I worked out on my iBook G4 running Milkytracker on Lubuntu 16.04. See how to get Lubuntu running on an iBook here… I’ve been having a lot of fun with Milkytracker on here,… Read More

Script To Download Scrillions Of Classic Modules From

The Mod Archive is an incredible website that hosts literally scrillions of module files from the early 1990s all the way up to 2018! If you don’t know, a Module, or “Mod” is an oldschool type of music… Read More