How To Make a VHS Effect in Kdenlive

Have you ever wanted to do a cool retro VHS effect using Kdenlive? Well now you can. I walk you though the details on how to do it yourself. Links mentioned in the vid: VCR OSD Mono font… Read More

Installing and Testing Ubuntu Studio 18.04

YouTuber, Explaining Computers, who makes some excellent quality content, installed and tested Ubuntu Studio 18.04 in this excellent video. If you don’t know already, Ubuntu Studio is an amazing Linux Distribution based on Ubuntu that is targeted towards… Read More

Rosegarden Tutorial Part 1 | Linux MIDI DAW

Akai MPK Midi Controller This is a video I’ve wanted to do for a while, a tutorial for the awesome program Rosegarden for Linux! Rosegarden is a robust Midi Sequencer that has been around for many years…. Read More